Sunday, December 16, 2007


(REIDSVILLE, NC) - - At 2:46 this evening, a Steven Inman, 48, of 3853 Grooms Road, called the Reidsville 911 Center. He stated that he had just shot and killed his mother.
When Sheriff’s Deputies arrived, they found Steven at a nearby neighbor’s house.
Apparently he and his mother had argued prior to the shot that ended the life of his 70 year-old mother. He, his mother Maxine and his 73 year-old father Samuel, live at that address. Following the shooting he went into another room to wake up his father before leaving the residence to go to a nearby neighbor.
Alcohol was a factor in this domestic incident. Other calls of a domestic nature have been received at 3853 Grooms Road over the past few years.


Anonymous said...

hello, I'm Steve Inmans cousin. Ijust wanted to comment that steve and his siblings were abused by this woman when they were growing up. Some of us are not surprised that this has not happened long ago either by Steve or one of his three sisters.

Anonymous said...

I am the granddaughter of Maxine Inman... I just found the comment that was posted on here by apparently a family memeber. My grandmother was never abusive towards me or any of my brothers or sisters, however, I have heard stories of her abusing her childern. BUT...Steve is a grown man. (He lived with my grandma & grandpa and mooched off them. He had no job.) From my understanding the arguement started bc my grandma wanted him to find a job and it esculated. It gave him no right to shoot her. No one deserves to be shot in the face. Its not his or anyone else's decision to end a life. That should be up to GOD. Some people need grow up and stop airing out private buisness.

Anonymous said...

I'm his aunt by marriage(married his youngest uncle). I have known him since he was 12 years old and he has been mean as a snake since. He has been in prison (5yrs) for shooting up someones house and while he was in prison for this he escaped (added 2 more years) and, beating on his parents but no one could do nothing because they would not sign papers to have him removed (because his mother felt sorry for him and being her child loved him until she took her last breath (thanks to his sorry a**). I hope he suffers everyday for the rest of his life, every time he closes his eyes I hope all he can ever see is what he did to his mother. He truly is a cold hearted person and deserves to fry in hell.