Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Higdon charged with embezzling day care funds

WENTWORTH - On September 14, 2007, Rockingham County District Attorney Phillip E. Berger Jr. reported allegations of embezzlement within the Rockingham County School System.

According to the report, information had been received that an employee with the school system “embezzled” funds from one of the daycare facilities.

Detective Kevin Suthard was assigned to investigate the case. On October 16th, he obtained a warrant for EMBEZZLEMENT OF STATE PROPERTY. According to the warrant, Vicky Sharpe Higdon, 51 of 111 Oak Hills Drive in Reidsville did embezzle various items purchased (converting to her own use) using Rockingham County Schools Funds. The warrant further states that Higdon held the position of Program Administrator of Day Care, and had been entrusted with the property described.

This evening, Higdon’s attorney surrendered his client for service of the aforementioned warrant. She was taken before a magistrate and given a bond of $50,000 with a court date of November 6th.

The precise sum embezzled is not yet available.

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