Friday, September 14, 2007

Scammers attempt to pass five-figure counterfeit check

Ruffin - This week, a citizen living on the Oregon Hill Road reported the following.

The complainant advised that he had a motorcycle for sale on the internet and was contacted by a potential buyer by e-mail. The buyer agreed to purchase the motorcycle and sent a cashiers check in the amount of $13,500.00 to the seller.

The seller quickly found the check to be counterfeit (and sold the motorcycle to another person that was legitimate).

The remitter displayed on the check was Pat Wilson and the bank was REPUBLIC BANK with an address in Lansing Michigan. The e-mail originated from Jennifer G. Lewis, 119 William St. Earlwood NSW 2206, Australia.

Citizens attempting to sell personal items should use caution for similar incidents. This information has been forwarded to the appropriate investigators.

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