Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fourth teen added to $250 weed caper

Detective Juan Tejeda has reported another arrest in the August 19th robbery of Michael Wayne Neugent.

Caleb Eugene Wright, 19, of 4230 Hamburg Mill Road in Summerfield has been charged with Robbery With Dangerous Weapon, Assault & Battery, and Common Law Robbery.

The warrant states Wright took approximately $250 of marijuana from the person and presence of Neugent. He committed this act my means of an assault consisting of having in possession and threatening the use of a handgun, whereby the life of Neugent was threatened and endangered. He also hit the victim over the head with a handgun and with his fist and by shooting at him.

Wright has a $250,000 secured bond and a court date of September 10, 2007.

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